Nasty - big ass flying cockroach

Damn...the weird weather seems to have forced a big ol' flying cockroach into my apartment. I was just walking in when I saw it chilling on the wall. Nothing better to welcome me home than walking past a cockroach the size of my palm. I finally got up the nerve to trap it in a container and let it go off the balcony. Feel bad for anyone walking into the 7-11 on the first floor since they might have gotten a cockroach falling on their head.

We really need to start

We really need to start controlling which posts get promoted to the front page.

BTW Akiba, if you like

BTW Akiba, if you like posting random nonsense like this, you'll love Twitter.

Ha ha ha...I backed it to my

Ha ha ha...I backed it to my blog. Sorry about that.

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