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Tokyo Hackerspace Boards - First shots

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 22 July 2009

Just received the Tokyo Hackerspace Boards. I was a little worried how the red silkscreen on a white solder mask would look, but it's actually pretty cool. Its the first time I've used the combo and the white solder mask behind the red lettering makes things look pink. Hence, it's really girly, but very unique. I think we're the only group that has pink boards. Here's a couple shots of it...
MCU Board:

Breadboard Peripheral:

MCU Board - Full Panel:

Breadboard Peripheral - Full Panel:

Damn...that's so geek chic...

Why am I commenting on my own post...

Great idea making a pink PCB. It may help to attract more female members (or strange otaku who for some reason like pink gadgets).

heh heh...blame Satoka. she wanted girly boards, looks like she got 'em.

Awww, so pretty girly nice one ;)
Good job!

I think its a blanket assumption that all girls like pink. >:)

It is a kawaii board though, ne?

Yea, Lauren is certainly going to give me crap about that comment the next time I see her. Can I say crap here? Do we have a language policy?

Hmmm...I don't think it was supposed to turn out pink, but now that I see it, I kinda like it. Definitely different than any other boards out there.

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