THS Webfest - action group

10/14/2012 15:00
10/14/2012 18:00
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We are starting an action group to clean up and improve the THS web site.
All members are invited to come, put in your input, and do some work.
The site is built on Drupal 6.
Current proposals are:
1: Do as much improvement as we can on the D6 version as is, WHILE
2: Building a NEW site in either D7 or Wordpress.
At the webfest, we will:
1: Discuss the options. Hopefully a short presentation of D7 benefits by me, and a similar presentation on Wordpress by... someone. Anyone?
2: Brainstorm the low hanging fruit on the current site, set action plans, and assign duties.
3: Get some actual work done on Number 2, and possibly number 1.
Even if you dont have Drupal experience, please come if you feel you would like to know more about the behind the scenes of the site, and would like to help improve it.

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