Anodization 101.2

03/21/2012 20:00
03/21/2012 22:00
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My name is Mikele and I am a professional piercer and body jewelry dealer. I will be demonstrating the metal anodizing processes.

This workshop, titled "Anodizing 101(take 2)", should have been subtitled "introduction to coloring of Titanium and Niobium"

Anodizing ( is an electrochemical process applied to metals, which thickens the natural oxide coating of certain metals.
We will focus on Titanium and the colors we can generate on it.

There will be a chance to practice anodizing on scrap materials, selecting color effects, rainbow patterns, and "anodized painting" on metal plates. After a little practice, you can make your own piece of anodized art, an example of which is shown above.

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