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Opensource Audiostrobe Goggles - BrainEntrain

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This is related to but different from the Brain Machine project.
It might make a good follow on project from the Brain Machine project.

I've been talking a little with karamoon about other low cost approaches to brainwave entrainment in addition to the Brain Machine project.
I know Mitch is working on a more advanced version, but I strongly urge anyone seriously interested in brainwave entrainment to check out what else is available.

Personally I think a lot of brainwave entrainment technology is akin to using a sledgehammer, especially with forcing the brain to entrain via beeps and blips. I prefer the feather approach to stroking the brain into an entrained state;-) Use of music, isochronic noise tones, etc etc.

I've been using Neuroprogrammer for many years. It's an incredibly flexible brainwave
entrainment program with inbuilt session creator for custom session building.

Full feature list here cost is ~us$50.

It has inbuilt screen flashing for visual entrainment, but also conforms to the audiostrobe standard for hooking up commercial third party audiostrobe compatible light machines to use alongside the audio entrainment, music and suggestion from a neuroprogrammer session.

Audiostrobe decoders and glasses for plugging into your computers audio port are around the US$150-US$180.

So the project idea is to create a low cost opensource audiostrobe decoder + glasses kit. Target markets are any user of programs like neuroprogrammer or similar session creation tools.

btw if you have an iphone/itouch and want to try out some neuroprogrammer sessions buy brainpower for the huge cost of Y115. Has a good batch of focus to relax to meditate sessions.

sonicviz (not verified)

er, That's goggles or glasses not googles. There is no edit function showing up so I can't seem to edit this post.

aha, edit only seems to show up on comments, not on the main post...why is that?

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it should appear above your post like so:

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I'll correct it now.
Let me know if you do not see this on any page, thread or comment that you START.

sonicviz (not verified)

nope, edit appears only on comments

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guess you need a promotion...
you now have editor status.

sonicviz (not verified)


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(hope I spelled it right)

sonicviz (not verified)

I found a opensource audiostrobe glasses project at instructables:

He used a circuit design based on

Even uses an altoids tin!

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