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Upcoming Events at Tokyo HackerSpace

Open House/オープンハウス

01/22/2017 13:00
01/22/2017 19:00

Tokyo HackerSpace is open to the public all day long!

You can use our tools, build your projects, and ask for help or advice.

Learn to solder. Learn about Laser Cutting or 3D printing.

Or just socialize with other makers!

Bring any project or Idea, and we will try to help you make it happen!

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Board Games at THS

01/28/2017 17:00
01/28/2017 20:00

Event entry is ¥500 per person proceeds to the hackerspace.Game night at Tokyo Hackerspace.  Come join in the fun while we play card, board and tile based games.  Games that will be available to play this game night are as follows.Roll for it - A game of luck where you try to win cards by rolling dice.  The more cards you win the more points you gain.  Be the first to 40 points to win the game.Sushi Go - It's time to eat sushi.  Gain points by collecting groups different kinds of sushi each turn.

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Tokyo HAM Festival

09/02/2017 09:00
09/03/2017 17:00

Tokyo HackerSpace members will visit Tokyo HAM Festival on Sunday at noon at Tokyo Big Sight.

Upcoming events

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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