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Meeting Notes 0901

Here are the notes from 1st September. Apologies in advance any misspellings or misrepresentations.
Please feel free to add or correct.


Introductions, interests and what people want to do in the space including

  • sustainability and natural methods of aircon
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • technology art projects
  • sewing esp. teddies with evil flashing eyes
  • methods of learning and teaching
  • basics of microprocessors
  • programming and micro controller hacks
  • wireless sensor networks and research
  • webapp / hardware mashups
  • gardening, moss graffiti
  • cooking, welding
  • drawing, art, building new people infrastructures and communities
  • steampunk
  • mobile data
  • learning Japanese
  • cameras, comedy and keyboards

Follow ups:
If you haven't already, please update your profile on THS website and mailing lists with stuff you're interested in, and want to do in the space.


  • Ivan suggested approaching community groups to run our workshops in their spaces, especially if THS space is not available. Shirokanedai International School is close by and could be a good option.
  • Lauren's friend runs Shureda(spelling?) and may also be interested in running our workshops.
  • MRE suggested we could also offer to fix old equipment.

Follow ups:
Lauren to speak with Sara Jean Rossito (The Juice) from Shureda

Furniture and Equipment

  • We now have 6 blue chairs which dropped from the sky into Lauren's lap. Big thanks!
  • Please keep a look out for ????? (Sodaigomi - Furniture Recycle days). We maybe able to find some good tables and bigger furniture.
  • Akiba gets the grand prize for entrances. Sauntering in late with an air compressor, beer and frozen pizza. He also announces he's also got soldering irons. Too good.
  • Soldering irons (courtesy of Akiba) need tips and sponges .
  • Sewing machine up for sale / in processing of raising money (AM update)
  • Akiba wants to buy a blimp when he's in the states

Follow ups:
Sewing machine purchase - JC to follow up and see if that's what we want
Set up tips and Sponge fund


  • Any member can post up events. Onus on member to make it happen.
  • We can promote events in Metropolis but need to notify 2 weeks prior
  • Chris and Terri's video presentation has moved to 1st week of November.
  • Akiba wants to start a weekly soldering session in Oct
  • Next Electronics workshop on the 10th October.
  • Build a Brain Machine event on 11th October
  • Matthew, Satoka and Hayashi already have one. I think they'll bring them on Sunday 6ht September also.
  • Lauren to order boards, MRE and Akiba to get rest of parts for BM 11th.
  • General hangout nights - Italian dinner night (Date to be confirmed), movie night with projector.

Follow ups:
Update event calendar with Terri and Chris' video
Terri and Matthew to create one page flier on Brain Machine (for website also)
Start google thread calling for Brain Machine interest

Day In The Life Of...Sunday 6th

  • PABX will be in space
  • Please bring what you need for your project
  • MRE organising list of projects, and rough times so we don't clash in the spaces. Please see existing threads on mailing list.
  • List of current projects include:
    • How to breadboard a simple circuit    - wood room
    • Brain-machine demos and one being assembled   - plush room / wood room
    • Soldering skills 101 with Akiba    - wood room
    • Wii whiteboard (not 100%)    -  plush room
    • Sketching with Lauren    - garden
    • A kitchen activity with Lauren    - ummm..  kitchen?!
    • Moss art (?) with JC  -  garden
    • T-shirt silk screening with Chris S. - garden
    • Cushion making (not %100)  - plush room
  • Terri interested in capturing video footage
  • A group will be heading off to Dorkbot afterwards

Follow ups:
General liaison on projects and stuff needed eg power strips. Just keep MRE in loop

Design Festa Booth Suggestions (Nov)

  •  make brain machine.
  •  flash beanbag meets with brain machines
  •  Could sell hackerspace boards, brain machines, etc.


  • We've rented the front office, yay! Big Congrats and thank you to Lauren for all her hard work!
  • talk of having an 'admin area / room' upstairs where there's a fax etc.
  • Nov 7 / 8th Screenwriting workshop to be held at THS. 2 spots available for members at a discount.
  • Discussion about offering space to other people. Doesn't have to be permanent but could be good way to bring in extra rent for the next few months.  Need tobe careful as this also has 'service expectations'.

Lauren suggested THS being an overflow space for Your Room / Our Room (?). Good way to build community and we've been offered at toaster oven.
need to rent 2nd office so please let people know about it.
Suggestions of groups who might be interested in renting space.

Space Admin

  • Creation of Rotating Roles
    •  House Host walks through house with 'open mind' and check it's clean, nothing's broken etc etc . Jacinta, Akiba and Terri for September
    • Calendar / Events hosting. MRE to look after calendar for Sept/ Oct.
  • phone, DLS, IP addresses.

Follow ups:
Look at quotes for phone, internet


  • Chris01 and AKiba to discuss build
  • Logistics and organisation need to be discussed more thoroughly


  • Continued discussion on mailing list about changing name. Please see google thread.


  • make sure address and map to THS is clear.
  • password protected area where those interested can look at finances and see how it's all going.

follow ups:
create password protected area 

It sounds a bit grandiose to say I want to buy a blimp. I want to buy a small UAV (autonomous) indoor blimp that we can use for demonstrations in large halls. We can just circle it above the heads of the crowd and randomly drop candy, preferably soft and packaged. We'd need to find a bulk helium supplier, probably from a welding supply. Just ask for balloon grade helium.

so long as no one yells "pinata!"

I don't think there's anything wrong with being grandiose :)

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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