Chumby Hackerboard - Support THS moving efforts

THS Chumby HackerBoard
THS Chumby HackerBoard

Tokyo HackerSpace in conjunction with Japan have a smoking deal for you!
Buy a Chumby HackerBoard for only 5000 yen! That's about $63. Save 27 dollars!! You'll be helping our HackerSpace move into our new place.
A while back, Safecast picked up a case of Chumby HackerBoards, which they intended to use in crowd sourced radiation monitoring across northern Japan. Design constraints changed, and so Safecast was left holding onto the Chumbys.
Fast forward 6 months.
Tokyo HackerSpace needs to move out of the current location. We found a great spot, but unfortunately the cost of moving in Japan is even worse than the cost of living.
Safecast is in our building as well, and thus is forced to move on to a new location.
Clearing out their closets, they found the case of Chumbys and struck upon a golden idea: Fund Raiser!
So, here we have an opportunity to get your hands on a Chumby HackerBoard for LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE!
Buy one and help us out of a jam. Buy two. You will still be saving a lot of money!

This is a one time deal! When they are gone, they are GONE!
* Comes pre-loaded with Linux on a 1GB microSD card
* Freescale iMX233 CPU @ 454MHZ (ARM926 core)
* 64MB onboard RAM
* 3 USB ports
* mini digital joystic (5 way)
* Composit video output
* Stereo audio output
* Onboard 1.5W speaker amp (single channel)
* Microphone input
* LCD controller
* LiPoly charge controller
* MMA7455 Accelerometer
* Plenty of I/O!
The infoz:
LadyAda of Adafruit has a really good set of tutorials

Adafruit also sells Chumby HackerBoards and accessories
Chumby set up a good wiki and forum

Price: YEN5,000