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Kimono Lantern Kit

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 20 November 2010


This is the project page for the Kimono Solar Lantern. The name comes from Lauren's restaurant, the Kimono Winebar. She wanted something to decorate her restaurant's patio at night and this was the result.

The concept is to reuse things like mason jars or other objects and turn them into solar powered lanterns. Lauren originally suggested the concept of using mason jars, but we decided to put this in kit form and with mounting holes so that anything can be used as a solar powered night light.

Some interesting features of this kit is:

- The LED switches from red to green to blue and back automatically
- It has a dark detection circuit so that the LED will automatically turn on when it's dark outside and off when it's bright
- It has an off switch
- It has mounting holes
- It's round

Updated 2011-03-15:
The design has been updated to V1.1. The package includes schematic, gerbers, and BOM. This design is donated to the OSHW community and is dedicated to the people that perished in the Tohoku earthquake on 2011-03-11. I'm hoping that this design can be used for humanitarian purposes in disaster areas to provide a replenishable source of light.

Updated 2011-03-20:
- Removed mounting holes from silkscreen on gerber
- Removed mounting holes from board file on gerber
The above two changes have no effect on functionality

- Added pdf of gerber files in package

Note: The schematics and gerbers are being re-drawn in geda by Reuseum so others can modify the design, silkscreen, etc. If the same can be done for Eagle, that would be awesome. Don't worry about credit or attribution.
Mod it, Own it!

Link to V1.1 Package

Here is a tutorial on assembling the kit:

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this is great and easy to understand.
can we schedule a workshop for this?

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