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Full Name
Emery Premeaux
Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
<p>English A small amount of Japanese</p>
<p>Electronics, embedded hardware, Submarines, airplanes, robotics, industrial machinery, fabrication, welding, metal, leather, power tools!!!!! I am more of a systems kind of guy, how all the technology comes together to make the whole. Particularly industrial machinery.</p>
Short Bio

MRE has been raised on electronics and hamburgers. The need to disassemble mechanical and electronic devices is a genetic disorder. Solder skills came before table manners. After that whole secondary public education fiasco, MRE ventured forth into the world of professional electronics, which promptly netted him a job unjamming gum and other sundries from the coin slots and bill acceptors in the south-west's most popular hang-outs for kids of distinguishing taste (name that of a place owned and operated by a large gray rat with a penchant for karaoke). At some point, MRE got tired of holding a soldering iron in one hand, and a pizza cutter in the other. Not that multi-tasking was ever a problem, but because, for some reason, the smell of solder made him hungry. Thus, his hobby always reminded him of his starving student days (oddly, those days were only imagination, for MRE had yet to actually attend college, thus 'putting in his dues'). Longing for the days of free spirited drunken debauchery in the fraternity house at a college he never attended, MRE finally broke down and joined the "flip-flops and cargo shorts" crowd by attending a national technical college (ITTs the McDonalds of Technology Degrees). Unfortunately, due to actually not enjoying the 'starving student' life so much, MRE held down full time employment in various technical fields while simultaneously attending college, thus limiting his time spent "scoring." (ahh.. the lament of geekus majorus.) Upon completion of a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and Communications Technology, MRE quickly decided to move to Japan and teach Engrish instead. Not to worry; MRE has accumulated a vast majority of random skills related to electronic and mechanical engineering. Rather than being a 'circuit board' guy or a 'chip guy' or a 'software guy' however, MRE is more of a 'whole system' guy. Special areas of interest and ability include production machinery design and fabrication such as CNC machinery, HMI, machine data instrumentation and collection, and embedded hardware. MRE has bountiful additional skills, but to know them all, you will have to look at the back of his character sheet. Pet peeves include those who speak of themselves in the third person. In Japan, MRE teaches English and runs a web and radio station dedicated to Japanese live rock, industrial, and gothic music. Not that crap Visual K!


Hacker Skills
Soldering, welding, metal working, leather working, a small amount of programming (but I suck at it), a decent understanding of the wide world of electronics hardware without being overly geeky in one particular area.
I want to learn
gardening, C, embedded applications, cooking, web software, yet more programming
My Tool Box
Hand-held O-scope, video projector, ARM development board, 68HC11 development board, electric drill and bits


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8 years 9 weeks
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