Draft Schedule Aug / September

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* unconfirmed and not in event calendar

Thurs August 20th (confirmed and in calendar)
Movie Making
Who: Terri and Modern Media Japan
Place: TELL community center.
Limit: 20 people

Sat 5th or Sun 6th Sept THS Space Warming
(callout for projects to showcase on October event)

* Wed Sept 30th - Project Management
Jacinta (confirmed) Emery - ? Lauren - ?

* 24th / 25th October - THS Space official launch

- I think it's worth doing the project management course early to help people get started on projects (if they need it) so have moved PM ahead of 'running a workshop' workshop. In the meantime, I've started drafting some guidelines to help with running workshops.

Alternatively, we could move the PM class to 9th or 10th of September and run another one on 30th but this might be a little ambitious as we'll also be setting up stuff in the space etc.

- maybe the first October workshop should be something different to showcase the variety of workshops we're holding eg. wine tasting / security

What do you think?

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I can confirm participation on the project management class, I just dont know how I would contribute to it... I suppose youd need to prod me with ideas.