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For previous Webshop discussions see

Products: ideally aim for products found 'only in Japan'

More thoughts on products....
If you have the time, have a listen to this interview with Yvon Chounaird who's the founder of Patagonia - one of the greenest companies around.

I think his views on demand and supply are really interesting and maybe something we want to consider when we're selecting products.

' We grow by letting the customer tell us....
We let the customer tell us instead of creating an artificial demand for our products. Any time you're making products that people don't need, you're at the mercy of the economy, you're at the mercy of whatever is going on. So we tried to avoid that situation.'

For the full interview go here:

Product Ideas
electronic kits
photographic equipment
collectors paraphernalia eg anime figurines, original copies of videogames etc

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model kits and magazine/subscription kits

burlingk (not verified)

I will put some thought into it.

We should be careful though to make sure that we list shipping information where it is understandable, so that foreign customers (US, UK, etc) do not try to order a heavy item and get the shock of their life. ;P

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Especially Gundam and Robotech models... hard to get in the US.

I can think of some rather strange Japanese study materials for geeks too, such as MC (Miri-chan) read that as Military-chan.. its for Military otaku, except that the military hardware is often fused with manga girls.. like.. an F15 fighter jet... the poor girl has afterburners for heels, missiles for arms, and wings for a headband. My favorite is the secret weapons issue, in which miss America (blong) is wearing a stars and stripes swim suit, and the X5U "Fling pancake" is around her waist like a hulla-hoop. Best part is shes holding a frying pan and a plate of pancakes! Crazy I know, but the contrast is real hard military facts and historical drama. Plus shes the cutest M1-Sherman tank you ever seen!

Umm.. similar is the books where the military girls try to teach Japanese boys military movie boot camp Engrish like "Get on your feets, you useless maggot of sons!" Only a few key phrases in English, but the rest is actually good for studying obscure military Japanese, as there are running dictionaries throughout the manga, and lots of explanatory 'proper' Japanese.

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