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 +Building a machine?<​br>​
 +Need steel for a welding course, table or project?<​br>​
 +Need extruded aluminum?<​br>​
 +Need gears, chains and pullys?<​br>​
 +== Steel Square pipe, round pipe and bar ==
 +Teppan-Ichiba sells direct over the internet
 +* http://​​
 +== Extruded Aluminum ==
 +http://​​ sells lots of build materials in Japan, including Openbuilds V-slot extruded aluminum:
 +* http://​​products/​detail.php?​product_id=61
 +The following shops sell direct, and take internet orders<​br>​
 +* http://​​
 +* http://​​
 +* http://​​g/​00263340/​
 +Monotaro also has a wide selection of extrusion, as well as all the other parts:
 +* [http://​​s/​c-85394/​ Aluminum Frame materials]
 +== Mechanical Parts ==
 +* http://​​
 +=== POWERS mechanical parts ===
 +These parts can be found in a few shops in Akihabara, as well as online.<​br>​
 +* http://​
 +RS carries a good chunk of the POWERS small mechanical inventory:
 +* http://​​web/​c/​pneumatics-hydraulics-power-transmission/​power-transmission-gears/​worm-gears/​
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