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Tokyo Hackerspace is conveniently located near Naka-itabashi which is a 15 minute train ride on the Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro Station.

Our address is: 〒173-0021 Tōkyō-to, Itabashi-ku, Yayoichō, 40−7

In Japanese: 〒173-0021東京都板橋区弥生町40-7


From Ikebukuro, take Tobu Tojo local line to Naka-Itabashi station. Typically leaving from Track 4 or 5. At Naka-Itabashi Station, please use the SOUTH exit. Turn RIGHT at the street in front of the bicycle park. At ”Matsuobushi Ramen/Doli Asian Restaurant” turn RIGHT Now you have a choice!

Follow this street all the way to the river. There is a bridge in front of you crossing a river. Do not cross the river. Instead turn LEFT. We are the 4th building (the one on the corner) Or, Follow this street until the 3rd LEFT. Turn here. At the next cross street, turn right. Follow it to the river. We are right on the corner, on the right side.


Tokyo Hackerspace is the only Tokyo based workspace that is not for profit with an open membership. The only requirements to become a member of Tokyo Hackerspace are that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you have come to our open meetings 2-3 times to get to know us, and so that we can get to know you.

Membership Tiers

Full Membership ¥5000/month gives you full access to the hackerspace 24hrs a day, though we ask you to work quietly past 8pm. Full access to all the tools that are on the premises, and discounts on classes and events that are held at the hackerspace.

Student memberships ¥2500/month give you the same benefits as full members, but at a discounted price. Please be prepared to show proof of your student status. For more information come visit us on either of our weekly meetings Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 7:30pm and talk to one of the members about membership.


Members have two options for paying their membership:

  • Pay the box : There is a electronic machine to the left of the doorway in the office space. Insert 5000 yen (either a single bill, or 5x 1000 yen bills) in the red bill acceptor. Then press the “Pay membership” button. The machine will print out two receipts. One is for you to keep. Cut the receipt in half and write your name on the other half. Place this one in the donation box for THS. If you insert 10000 yen in the machine, you will need to pay two months membership. The machine cannot make change.
  • Direct Bank Transfer : Perform a direct transfer to our Japan Post account. Branch: 10010, Account: 51731481, トウキョウハッカースペース


There are three options for making donations:

  • Pay the box : There is a electronic machine to the left of the doorway in the office space. Insert 1000, 5000 or 10000 yen bills into the red bill acceptor. Then press the “make donation” button for every 1000 yen inserted. The machine will print out a receipt for every 1000 yen.
  • You can donate coins by putting them in the “donation box” sitting in front of the electronic machine.
  • Direct Bank Transfer : Perform a direct transfer to our Japan Post account. Branch: 10010, Account: 51731481, トウキョウハッカースペース


  1. THS does not accept material donations. We do not want your old laptops, computer parts, broken electronics, tools, etc. We do not want to fix your stuff. We do not want to become a waste center.
  2. Be excellent to each other.
  3. Members may keep one large container in the garage for their own tools, parts, and projects. In the event you need additional space, just communicate with us via Slack.
  4. Be certain to double check that you have powered everything off and locked all windows before locking the space and closing the garage door.


Generally, members are responsible for their own safety. It is assumed that you have proper medical insurance in Japan to cover any injuries incurred while at the space.

  1. Safety glasses are strongly encouraged for all machines and soldering equipment
  2. For all machinery, if you have not used it before, ask for training first. When in doubt, ASK FOR HELP!

Disposal of Refuse

  • The neighborhood has a bulk waste carry in center (half the price of normal pickup, but limited to 10 items per trip).
  • Bulky waste can also be put out after filling out a sodai gomi application
  • Here is the Disposal Guide for curbside disposal.
  • Our drop of point : At the bottom of the stairs, turn right. At the next bridge, on the right corner is the drop off point.
  • the drop off schedule is posted above the office doorway. in particular, Tuesday night, burnable garbage may be dropped off for Wednesday morning pickup.
  • World Eco : Large volume disposal service (including business closing, etc)
  • Eco Bowl : Another large volume disposal service. Website is particularly bad… ALL text as graphics. totally non-translatable.
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