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 +Want to learn something? Think someone in THS can teach you?
 +Maybe they can teach everyone!
 +Please feel free to write what you want to learn. Sign by writing three tilde (~) characters. [[User:​RichardFrankum|RichardFrankum]]
 +===I want to learn...===
 +* How to read Windows admin logs -- [[User:​RichardFrankum|RichardFrankum]]
 +* Why root your Android phone? -- [[User:​RichardFrankum|RichardFrankum]]
 +* Productivity:​ Pomodoro, GTD, what works for you? -- [[User:​RichardFrankum|RichardFrankum]]
 +* Getting funky with the Linux File System - pushing data from '​here'​ to '​there'​[[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* C for not absolute beginners [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* Wifi in a nutshell [[User:​MRE|MRE]] (Me too! [[User:​RichardFrankum|RichardFrankum]])(Me too! [[User:​Mikele|Mikele]])
 +* What would I do without Visual Basic?! Writing desktop apps that don't suck. [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* Java: From "no thank you I am not thirsty."​ to "oh snap! When I click this thing, stuff happens."​ [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* How not to get a job. The ins and outs of starting your own business. [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* How to play at least ONE song on guitar [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +* Let's play master and servant. How to code a simple client/​server application [[User:​MRE|MRE]]
 +===Let'​s do this!===
 +* Basic introduction to Linux CLI [[User:​MRE|MRE]] [http://​​ja/​event/​2012-10-03-introduction-to-the-command-line Class here]
 +* Android do my bidding. Set up the IDE and code environment,​ and get a simple hello world Android app up and running. [[User:​MRE|MRE]] [http://​​en/​event/​2012-12-03-android-development-study-group Workshop here]
 +===Does the hackerspace have?===
 +* A [[DoWeHave|list]] of things we've been asked
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