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Finding maker and hackerspaces near you could be a pain, especially if Japanese is not your native language. We hope to provide some quick and easy links to aid you searching for spaces and other points of interest specific to makers in Japan.

Maker & Fab spaces

Perhaps the most complete index / map of maker and fab spaces in Japan is the FabMap.

Spaces in Akihabara

There are several mini maker and fab spaces in Akihabara. Akihabara Hackerspace is a small office lab in which you can rent table space for a day, and they occasionally host events.

Other highlighted spaces

Guesthouses and sharehouses are very popular in Japan for both short and long term residences, as it allows you to avoid the hassle and expenses associated long term renting, and you can enjoy the benefits of social activities with housemates. Geekhouse Project catalogs such living spaces that focus on makers and IT.

Lists and Articles

Media organizations often write reviews of the makerscene in Japan, and list the most recently active / open spaces. There may be a spot we missed in our links or above guides.


Yearly Events

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