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 +[http://​ Monotaro] is a great online hardware store. It could be compared to [http://​ McMaster-Carr],​ but less easy to navigate (McMaster is almost entirely picture card driving. It is teh awesomes).
 +The site is very [http://​​translate?​hl=en&​sl=ja&​tl=en&​ google translate] friendly as well.
 +Here are some select items, relevant to Tokyo HackerSpace,​ broken into categories which this author thinks are useful.
 +Some of these are downright hints to our members to buy and donate them to the space. ;)
 +==Milling Machine related==
 +* [http://​​g/​01074096/?​t.q=PROXXON our PROXXON Mini Mill]
 +* [http://​​s/​c-69538/​ End mill bits]
 +* [http://​​g/​00243733/​ End mill bit tray]
 +* [http://​​g/​00247053/​ Mill clamp kit]
 +* [http://​​s/?​c=&​q=%83%7E%83j%83o%83C%83X&​swc=0 Vise selection]
 +==Cutting Machine (table jig saw)==
 +*[http://​​g/​00124419/?​t.q=%8E%85%8B%98 our jig saw]
 +* [http://​​g/​00177011/​ Replacement flux core welding wire]
 +* [http://​​g/​00404500 Basic welding gloves]
 +* [http://​​s/​c-18734 Safety glasses and Goggles]
 +* [http://​​g/​00490979 Auto-darkening welding helmet]
 +* [http://​​g/​00317750 Helmet with flip up view window]
 +* [http://​​g/​00181614 Replacement helmet head straps]
 +* [https://​​g/​00176996 Our welder, in case you are wondering]
 +==Machine making==
 +* [http://​​s/​c-117782/​ Aluminum Railing]
 +* [http://​​s/​c-85394/​ Aluminum Frame materials]
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