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 **[[Jig Saw]] **[[Jig Saw]]
 **[[Scroll Saw]] **[[Scroll Saw]]
-*'''​Classes,​ Events, Projects'''​ +*'''​[[Classes, Events, Projects]]'''​ 
-*'''​Shopping In Japan'''​+*'''​[[Shopping In Japan]]'''​
 **[[buying_metals_and_extruded_aluminum_in_japan|Metals & Extrusion]] **[[buying_metals_and_extruded_aluminum_in_japan|Metals & Extrusion]]
-** Acrylic+** [[Acrylic]]
 *'''​[[Geek Travelers]]'''​ *'''​[[Geek Travelers]]'''​
 **[[https://​​akihabara/​|Akihabara Guide]] **[[https://​​akihabara/​|Akihabara Guide]]
 **[[Japan Resources for Fab, Hacking and Makerspaces]] **[[Japan Resources for Fab, Hacking and Makerspaces]]
-**Travel Apps +**[[Travel Apps]] 
-**Unique Gifts +**[[Unique Gifts]] 
-**Places to Go+**[[Places to Go]]
 ---- ----
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