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 {{:​hslogo_square.png?​direct&​200|}} {{:​hslogo_square.png?​direct&​200|}}
 *'''​navigation'''​ *'''​navigation'''​
-** [[start|Main Page]] +**[[start|Main Page]] 
-*'''​Community'''​ +*'''​[[community|Community]]'''​ 
-** visit Us +*'''​[[Tools&​Equipment|Tools & Equipment]]'''​ 
-** Join Us +**[[laser_cutter_resources|Laser Cutter]] 
-** Support Us +***[[cuttable_materials|Cuttable]] 
-** Donations +***[[inkscape_for_laser_cutting|Inkscape for laser cutting]] 
-** Space Rules +***[[K40 Laser cutter|K40 Laser cutter]] 
-** Safety Guide +***[[Epilog Laser cutter|Epilog Laser cutter]] 
-*'''​Tools & Equipment'''​ +***[[Amano VF-5HN Dust Collector (smoke eater)|Amano VF-5HN]] 
-** Laser Cutter +**[[Shapeoko CNC|Shapeoko CNC]] 
-** 3D Scanner +**[[3D Scanner]] 
-** 3D printers +**[[3D printers]] 
-** [[seiko_sewing_machine|Sewing Machine]] +***[[Mutoh MF-2200D|Mutoh MF-2200D]] 
-** Welder +***[[Ultimaker Original|Ultimaker Original]] 
-** Chop Saw +***[[Printrbot Play|Printrbot Play]] 
-** Grinder +**[[seiko_sewing_machine|Sewing Machine]] 
-** Circular Saw +**[[Welder]] 
-** Jig Saw +**[[Chop Saw]] 
-** Scroll Saw +**[[Grinder]] 
-*'''​Classes,​ Events, Projects'''​ +**[[Circular Saw]] 
-*'''​Shopping In Japan'''​ +**[[Jig Saw]] 
-** [[buying_metals_and_extruded_aluminum_in_japan|Metals & Extrusion]] +**[[Scroll Saw]] 
-** Acrylic +*'''​[[Classes, Events, Projects]]'''​ 
-*'''​Geek Travelers'''​ +*'''​[[Shopping In Japan]]'''​ 
-** [[https://​​akihabara/​|Akihabara Guide]] +**[[buying_metals_and_extruded_aluminum_in_japan|Metals & Extrusion]] 
-** Travel Apps +** [[Acrylic]] 
-** Unique Gifts +*'''​[[Geek Travelers]]'''​ 
-** Places to Go+**[[https://​​akihabara/​|Akihabara Guide]] 
 +**[[Japan Resources for Fab, Hacking and Makerspaces]] 
 +**[[Travel Apps]] 
 +**[[Unique Gifts]] 
 +**[[Places to Go]]
 ---- ----
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