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 +Some discussion from our mailing list in summer 2011.
 +"I think we should do a THS recommends binder and pdf. to have to give out at the space."​
 +-- Lauren
 +==== Richard'​s Suggestions ====
 +* DragonQuest Cafe in Shibuya
 +* Akihabara, of course, for electronics / Gundam Cafe / Linux Cafe / Super Potato
 +* Harajuku for costumers
 +* Nakano Broadway
 +* Asakusa (sensouji)
 +* Kamakura for the daibutsu
 +==== Torsten'​s ====
 +* Kamogawa to demonstrate that Japan isn't just over populated concrete hell?!
 +*For people who like to travel north....
 +**Matsushima is very nice.
 +**Zao mountain is nice too.
 +*Guess in general any other city which happen to have a festival during the visit. Japanese processions are by any means worth a visit.
 +==== Lauren'​s ====
 +* small more eclectic neighborhoods
 +*Tour of a few great food spots.
 +*Tsukiji of course.
 +*Book district in Jimbocho.
 +==== Zachary'​s ====
 +* As far as nerd friendly tourist attractions go, I found the Ghibli museum to be quite memorable (even as someone who had never heard of Ghibli before visiting Japan). ​
 +* Also on Odaiba the Sony Explorascience (though more for younger crowds)  ​
 +* National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. ​
 +==== Tobias'​s ====
 +* 8bitcafe in Shinjuku http://​​index.html
 +* club mogra in Akiba http://​​event/​
 +* Ikebukuro / Otome Road for female Otaku (but I'm sure they'​ll know  it already ;))
 +* Dear Stage in Akihabara for someone interested in Idols maybe? ​  ​http://​​dearstage/​
 +==== MRE's ====
 +[http://​​top Tokyo Damage Report]
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