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A discussion from June 2009, before the Shirokanedai space, asked for a "wish list" from the THS founders.

lauren shannon

My ideal hackerspace has

1. a good kitchen 2. multiple ways to pay for itself 3. some green space 4. enough power (120 amps) 5. moveable comfortable cushions and various types of re-usable reformatable furniture 6.bookshelfs for a communal MAKE and hacker library

Edward Middleton

lauren shannon wrote:

My ideal hackerspace has
1. a good kitchen
2. multiple ways to pay for itself
3. some green space
4. enough power (120 amps)
5. moveable comfortable cushions and various types of re-usable
reformatable furniture
6.bookshelfs for a communal MAKE and hacker library

7. close to shops where you can buy components etc.


or instead of 7 an good place where we can keep a HACKERS PANTRY of cool tools and stuff.

Edward Middleton

I don't know, I would put a higher priority on convenient location rather then lots of space which I gather is what you are getting at.

Jawaad Mahmood

I suspect the idea of a “hacker retreat” would be more affordable. The only problem is that it would be full on the weekends and empty on the weekdays.

Edward Middleton

If you're looking for a space in Tokyo that could comfortably house
5-6 hackers at a time, you do realize we are talking 15-20 man a month
plus whatever insane amount they want for a deposit right?

That looks about right to me, plus a months rent for the realestate agent and two months rent deposit. It is obviously going to depend on proximity to the the closest station. The last place I rented had a 4.5-jou, 6-jou, kitchen and bathroom and was 56,000 yen, 10 minutes from Yokohama. That is what I would take as the minimum requirement for a hacker space, though I take it that Lauren is thinking about something more substantial?

sean toczko

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 More options Jun 9 2009, 1:47 pm

I think the idea of making it “convenient to component shops” will result in too high of a rent. The best place for electronic components is Akiba, but there's no need to get a place there. Any kind of “reasonable” space is going to cost money, there is no doubt about that. Minimizing these costs, while balancing space and accessibility will be tricky… but it can be done. It'll just take a little more time.



I think that convenient to a train station is convenient. :-)

If it is close to a train station, any train station, in the general Tokyo/Yokohama area, then it should be reasonably reachable. :-)

That is my oppinion.

I am more concerned with just being able to get there, than having it in the middle of town.

Chris Shannon

bench power drill press soldering irons dc power oil paint / encaustic wax large plotter robots! servers (ubuntu) 10gbe projector tea books art work white boards



Terri MacMillan

book shelves photo printer small space to set up 'how-to' video shoots and interviews everything everyone else said so far

see y'all later,


sean toczko

chairs tables/benches music/speakers wireless gigabit LAN cork boards IP phone basic tool set (hex drivers, torx wrenches, phillips (plus) & flathead screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, wire strippers, RJ-47 crimpers, etc) wire (various gauges), cable hardware (screws, nuts, bolts) pegboard more robots

Edward Middleton

photolithography[1] equipment for making PCB's Multimeter CRO[2] CB radio

1. 2.

H. Fukushima

What kind of projects are we planning to have?

Projects that I would like to be involved in.

・Tie Dying & Batik

 I'd want some decent space in the bath
 and at least separated from toilets.

・DTM/Music Creation/Mixing

 PC, Soundcard, turntables and mixer.

・Hemp Accessories

  Nothing much needed other than materials.


 Using soldering iron to create gadgetry.


 Kitchen, Ovens



 growing herbs in the balcony?
 gaijin herb growing may be an issue with the current
 trend in law enfocement  :P


 a workbench? power tools.
 Noize may be an issue with neighbors.

I guess the equipment and materials for projects are things we can consider after settling infrastructual issues.

WE CAN be a little more decisive about infrastructure though, if we can listup projects that we have on our minds.

These projects would mean that we need:

Gas Electricity and good capacity Power Taps Chairs Tables Bookshelves Fridge

sean toczko

Of course, I forgot:





H. Fukushima wrote:

Electricity and good capacity
Power Taps

I think these things are a must regardless of the projects involved. :)

But that is just me.

Kyle Hasegawa

It goes without saying that we'll need an Internet connection for research etc. If we plan to host webapps for project management, voting, wiki etc. we should consider hikari fiber and a small block of static IPs.



Space: At least one LARGE and SOLID work space for hammering, pounding, more hammering, bending, cranking, and breaking ;) A “Strip it and Junk it” space, in which donated machines are stripped down and various parts are sorted for free use. Vent/flame hood or decent out door space for slightly caustic work such as etching PCBs A few chemical dump bins for things that we dont want to put down the drain. We will have to call to have them emptied occasionally (and pay the fee). Rain water collection for gardening LARGE bins for discarded materials that cant be put in the normal weekly trash, such as electronics, metals, and plastics. The more we can sort, the nicer we are being to the trash services when they come to pick it all up.

Tools I have: Hand-held O-scope (5 mhz) Soldering iron Video Projector Electric drill Various leather working tools (its a hobby)

Desired tools: Laminator (modified for quick in house simple PCB production) Decent resolution laser printer (various uses, including PCB production) Table saw or electric saw Chop saw and welder - would only get occasional use, but would be really handy to build our own CNC machines Bench drill Band saw Dremel set Mini Mill and Lath REP-RAP!!!!!!!!!

Projects I'm interested in: Community outreach - kids tech club, various classes, neighborhood handy-man submersable ROV ROBOTS!!! (Mars Pathfinder project with local technology high-schools) Organizing a school wide competition such as robot sumo (and producing the boards, parts and kits, and documentation to go with it) “Science Magic” classes competing in national events as a team or teams Design Cycles (such as collectively producing a product to sell and earn money for the group) home made bicycles and modification (thus the welder and chop saw) LED lighting conversion SOLARIZING anything MIDI-box music machines Making CNC machinery to ultimately be more self reliant Small metal casting oven Large BBQ meat smoker Halloween haunted castle Easter egg hunt Providing a “go to” point for the community to pool together for parts orders, PCB production, Silk screening and panel manufacturing, plexi cutting, etc. I wouldn't know where to get this stuff done at, and its nearly impossible to find out, since I cant read/speak enough Japanese to search on my own. Collecting a small fee could help pay for the space.

So many more.. so many more.


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