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 +===A discussion from June 2009, before the Shirokanedai space, asked for a "wish list" from the THS founders.===
 +==lauren shannon==
 +My ideal hackerspace has
 +1. a good kitchen
 +2. multiple ways to pay for itself
 +3. some green space
 +4. enough power (120 amps)
 +5. moveable comfortable cushions and various types of re-usable reformatable
 +6.bookshelfs for a communal MAKE and hacker library
 +==Edward Middleton == 
 +lauren shannon wrote:
 +> My ideal hackerspace has
 +> 1. a good kitchen
 +> 2. multiple ways to pay for itself
 +> 3. some green space
 +> 4. enough power (120 amps)
 +> 5. moveable comfortable cushions and various types of re-usable
 +> reformatable furniture
 +> 6.bookshelfs for a communal MAKE and hacker library
 +7. close to shops where you can buy components etc.
 +or instead of 7 an good place where we can keep a HACKERS PANTRY of
 +cool tools and stuff.
 +==Edward Middleton == 
 +I don't know,  I would put a higher priority on convenient location
 +rather then lots of space which I gather is what you are getting at.
 +==Jawaad Mahmood == 
 +I suspect the idea of a "​hacker retreat"​ would be more affordable.
 +The only problem is that it would be full on the weekends and empty on
 +the weekdays.
 +==Edward Middleton == 
 +> If you're looking for a space in Tokyo that could comfortably house
 +> 5-6 hackers at a time, you do realize we are talking 15-20 man a month
 +> plus whatever insane amount they want for a deposit right?
 +That looks about right to me, plus a months rent for the realestate
 +agent and two months rent deposit. ​ It is obviously going to depend on
 +proximity to the the closest station. ​ The last place I rented had a
 +4.5-jou, 6-jou, kitchen and bathroom and was 56,000 yen, 10 minutes from
 +Yokohama. ​ That is what I would take as the minimum requirement for a
 +hacker space, though I take it that Lauren is thinking about something
 +more substantial?​
 +==sean toczko ==
 +View profile  ​
 + More options Jun 9 2009, 1:47 pm
 +I think the idea of making it "​convenient to component shops" will result in
 +too high of a rent. The best place for electronic components is Akiba, but
 +there'​s no need to get a place there. Any kind of "​reasonable"​ space is
 +going to cost money, there is no doubt about that. Minimizing these costs,
 +while balancing space and accessibility will be tricky... but it can be
 +done. It'll just take a little more time.
 +I think that convenient to a train station is convenient. ​ :-)
 +If it is close to a train station, any train station, in the general
 +Tokyo/​Yokohama area, then it should be reasonably reachable. ​ :-)
 +That is my oppinion.
 +I am more concerned with just being able to get there, than  having it
 +in the middle of town.
 +==Chris Shannon==
 +bench power
 +drill press
 +soldering irons
 +dc power
 +oil paint / encaustic wax
 +large plotter
 +servers (ubuntu)
 +art work
 +white boards
 +==Terri MacMillan==
 +book shelves
 +photo printer
 +small space to set up '​how-to'​ video shoots and interviews
 +everything everyone else said so far
 +see y'all later,
 +==sean toczko==
 +gigabit LAN
 +cork boards
 +IP phone
 +basic tool set (hex drivers, torx wrenches, phillips (plus) & flathead
 +screwdrivers,​ hammer, pliers, wire strippers, RJ-47 crimpers, etc)
 +wire (various gauges), cable
 +hardware (screws, nuts, bolts)
 +more robots
 +==Edward Middleton==
 +photolithography[1] equipment for making PCB's
 +CB radio
 +1. http://​​wiki/​Photolithography
 +2. http://​​wiki/​Cathode-Ray_Oscilloscope
 +==H. Fukushima==
 +What kind of projects are we planning to have?
 +Projects that I would like to be involved in.
 +・Tie Dying & Batik
 +  I'd want some decent space in the bath
 +  and at least separated from toilets.
 +・DTM/​Music Creation/​Mixing
 +  PC, Soundcard, turntables and mixer.
 +・Hemp Accessories
 +   ​Nothing much needed other than materials.
 +  Using soldering iron to create gadgetry.
 +  Kitchen, Ovens
 +  growing herbs in the balcony?
 +  gaijin herb growing may be an issue with the current
 +  trend in law enfocement ​ :P
 +  a workbench? power tools.
 +  Noize may be an issue with neighbors.
 +I guess the equipment and materials for projects are
 +things we can consider after settling infrastructual
 +WE CAN be a little more decisive about infrastructure
 +though, if we can listup projects that we have on
 +our minds.
 +These projects would mean that we need:
 +Electricity and good capacity
 +Power Taps
 +==sean toczko==
 +Of course, I forgot:
 +I would like to have a sawing machine...
 +H. Fukushima wrote:
 +> Gas
 +> Electricity and good capacity
 +> Power Taps
 +> Chairs
 +> Tables
 +> Bookshelves
 +> Fridge
 +I think these things are a must regardless of the projects
 +involved. :)
 +But that is just me.
 +==Kyle Hasegawa==
 +It goes without saying that we'll need an Internet connection for
 +research etc.
 +If we plan to host webapps for project management, voting, wiki etc. we
 +should consider hikari fiber and a small block of static IPs.
 +At least one LARGE and SOLID work space for hammering, pounding, more
 +hammering, bending, cranking, and breaking ;)
 +A "Strip it and Junk it" space, in which donated machines are stripped
 +down and various parts are sorted for free use.
 +Vent/flame hood or decent out door space for slightly caustic work
 +such as etching PCBs
 +A few chemical dump bins for things that we dont want to put down the
 +drain. We will have to call to have them emptied occasionally (and pay
 +the fee).
 +Rain water collection for gardening
 +LARGE bins for discarded materials that cant be put in the normal
 +weekly trash, such as electronics,​ metals, and plastics. The more we
 +can sort, the nicer we are being to the trash services when they come
 +to pick it all up.
 +Tools I have:
 +Hand-held O-scope (5 mhz)
 +Soldering iron
 +Video Projector
 +Electric drill
 +Various leather working tools (its a hobby)
 +Desired tools:
 +Laminator (modified for quick in house simple PCB production)
 +Decent resolution laser printer (various uses, including PCB
 +Table saw or electric saw
 +Chop saw and welder - would only get occasional use, but would be
 +really handy to build our own CNC machines
 +Bench drill
 +Band saw
 +Dremel set
 +Mini Mill and Lath
 +Projects I'm interested in:
 +Community outreach - kids tech club, various classes, neighborhood
 +submersable ROV
 +ROBOTS!!! (Mars Pathfinder project with local technology high-schools)
 +Organizing a school wide competition such as robot sumo (and producing
 +the boards, parts and kits, and documentation to go with it)
 +"​Science Magic" classes
 +competing in national events as a team or teams
 +Design Cycles (such as collectively producing a product to sell and
 +earn money for the group)
 +home made bicycles and modification (thus the welder and chop saw)
 +LED lighting conversion
 +SOLARIZING anything
 +MIDI-box music machines
 +Making CNC machinery to ultimately be more self reliant
 +Small metal casting oven
 +Large BBQ meat smoker
 +Halloween haunted castle
 +Easter egg hunt
 +Providing a "go to" point for the community to pool together for parts
 +orders, PCB production, Silk screening and panel manufacturing,​ plexi
 +cutting, etc. I wouldn'​t know where to get this stuff done at, and its
 +nearly impossible to find out, since I cant read/speak enough Japanese
 +to search on my own. Collecting a small fee could help pay for the
 +So many more.. so many more.
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